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Booked Feature Film Cast by Kerry Barden & Paul Schnee

So excited to have booked a feature film through this incredible casting office (Barden/Schnee who cast DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, PRISONERS)! The film has a great story with some very talented people on board.

Funny story: I was given the wrong sides (audition material) during the callback, but just took a few breaths, went back into the waiting room area to quickly prepare the new ones and when I went back into the audition room, I said, “Okay I think I have the right sides now. Angie’s sides right?” (note: I was NOT reading for Angie) I was joking about reading for Angie’s side, so there was a pause in the room, and then I said, “just kidding, guys.” and we all started laughing. We proceeded with the audition and I had a blast. Then within a few days I found out I booked the role, w00t!

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