3 Interviews now Available!

Starting to love PR more & more! Feel free to check out the links below to learn more about my career and some personal deets!

1) The Arts & Entertainment Magazine: Insight into taking off David Boreanz’s pants in BONES, my upcoming horror variety show and feature film TAG starring Chris Mintz-Plasse in this interview: http://www.eeriedigest.com/wordpress/2013/10/taem-interview-with-actress-jona-xiao/

2) The Building Years podcast: Had a blast being interviewed on THE BUILDING YEARS. Jeremiah Watkins and Justin Alexio are so funny and charming. https://soundcloud.com/thebuildingyears/episode-65-jona-xiao-days-of

3) Actress Obsession: The interviewer, Haren asked some hard-hitting questions. Check out how I responded: